Thumbnail Pics Don't Match

You have copied some pictures into a folder and are viewing thumbnail pics. However, when you set the view mode to thumbnails, you notice that they don’t match the actual picture after you open it.

This happens because of a file called thumbs.db. This file is small hidden cache of the views of the pictures. To fix this problem, you have to fix the thumbs.db file. Thumbs.db is a database file which stores the thumbnails of all pictures and videos in a folder so that Windows doesn’t have to create the thumbnails every time the folder is opened.

One way to fix this problem is to move all the pictures into another folder. This will force Windows to build a new thumbs.db file. But you may not want to create a new folder, and if you move the pictures back to the original folder, the thumbnails may be wrong again.

That’s because the old folder still contains the incorrect thumbs.db file.

Fixing the Thumbs.db File Caching

A better way to fix this is to disable the caching of thumbnails for images, then doing a search on the folder involved for the file named "thumbs.db". Once you find this file, you can delete it, which will force Windows to create a new, clean one.

  1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Folder Options |View
  2. Under the Advanced settings box, scroll down the list and find the option that says "Do not cache thumbnails". Put a check in that box.

    Thumbs.db caching

  3. Click in the circle next to show hidden files and folders. To find and delete the thumbs.db file, you have to enable the showing of hidden files.
  4. Click Apply and OK.
  5. Now go back to your picture folder, and refresh the view by pressing F5.
  6. Then look for a file called Thumbs.db. Click once on it with your mouse to highlight it only. Then press the delete key on your keyboard. Click Yes to delete the file.
  7. Now go back to Step 1, but this time take the check OUT of the box next to "Do not cache thumbnails". Click Apply and Ok.
  8. Now go back to your picture folder.
  9. Close the folder and then reopen it. It may take some time for Explorer to recreate your thumbs.db file and show you the thumbnails, especially if you have a lot of pictures in the folder. But once it is complete, all of your thumbnail pics should be correct now.

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