My Favorite Free Computer Stuff

This page is all about Free Computer Stuff!

The computer and free stuff were made for each other. With just a click of a button and little time, you can download lots of different types of free software, free music, free books, free backgrounds, free screen savers for your computer, free fonts for your documents, and other neat freebies. Your money stays in the bank and you get free stuff!

Starting with free software, here’s an ever growing list of my choices for the best free computer stuff I've found on the web.

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I'll continue to add to this page, so keep checking back!

Best Free Software:

Google Sketchup

This is a really easy to use 3D drawing program. It makes trying to explain to my boyfriend how I want a bench built MUCH easier. I just draw it out using this program and voila, he sees!

Sun Microsystems' Open Office:

This free alternative to Microsoft Office is robust and easy to use, and it's FREE. (The latest version of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional is a whopping $480, so that's reason enough to try it).

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, Open Office will be easy to learn. It includes alternatives to all of the Office programs, and each program can open the files of the Microsoft counterpart and also save files in the counterpart format. The latest version, 2.4, includes:

  • Writer, a word processor alternative to MS Word.
  • Calc, a spreadsheet program alternative to MS Excel.
  • Impress, presentation software rivaling MS Powerpoint
  • Base, database software similar to MS Access.
  • Draw, a drawing program.
  • Math, a calculation program.

Because OpenOffice is “open” to programmers, (i.e. the code for the original OpenOffice application is available to outside programmers, who can then use it to write new software modules), there are also all kinds of free additions available for OpenOffice.

Open source software is a neat idea, because it fosters a sharing community on the internet. Software is written and shared freely, without soaking the users for ridiculous sums of money. For example, there's a free drawing program called Inkscape, which rivals Adobe's Illustrator in features. Not only is it free, (the newest version of Illustrator costs $580) it has some cool tools. I like it because it includes a "swirl" drawing tool.

Microsoft PowerToy Utilities:

Microsoft offers Powertoy tools as free computer stuff for Windows XP users. They are written to help you manage some Windows XP and computer related tasks better.

Be aware that Microsoft does not support these tools, but I’ve downloaded most of them, and never had any problem. Here are my favorite Powertoys: (There are others, you can view them at the link above).

  • Tweak UI: Installing “Tweak UI” will give you control over the way your PC behaves. You can stop applications from popping up over what you currently doing, or change the way your mouse behaves, or bypass the Windows login screen, and more.

  • Image Resizer: This PowerToy lets you resize one or more digital photo files just by right clicking on the file in Windows Explorer. LOVE this! I can resize my digital pictures instantly before I email them or upload them. Don't you just love free computer stuff?

  • SyncToy: LOVE this so much, I wrote a separate page on how to use it..


Wow! Photofiltre was recommended by PC World and I can see why. This software comes in a free version, which has just about all the features that the $625 Adobe Photoshop has. I loved the watercolor filter and the Color revive, and it is MUCH easier to use than Photoshop. This is one of those programs that make me thankful for free computer stuff. :)


Wikipedia is a huge Internet Encyclopedia with information about anything and everything. Information comes from the readers and users of the website (i.e., the general public), and the pages are of a type called a "Wiki" which allows any person to add or edit information. It's just so cool and useful that I had to add it here.


This is by far the best Windows optimizing tool offered. It cleans up old installation files, unused dlls, registry issues, and just generally gets rid of all the junk on your PC. If you aren't a experienced Windows user, please read the online tutorial before you use the program.

PDF Writers

These are very handy to have if you can't afford to buy a copy of Adobe Acrobat. Here's a page detailing how to print to PDF and the best free PDF writers to download.

Free Virus Protection Software:

Here's a page with a list of the best free virus protection software on the internet:

My favorite free virus protection software!

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